“Helen tutored our two girls aged 10 and 8 as part of our home schooling programme.  Helen was fantastic to communicate and work with, very friendly and was a key part in establishing a positive learning environment for our girls.  Helen genuinely cared for the learning needs and progress of our girls and she adapted her teaching style to suit the specific learning style of each of them integrating fun activities with learning. Our 10 year old has specific learning difficulties and was disengaged with reading and maths.  Throughout the period of teaching with Helen we found that she began to read willingly and was more interested in maths, and had a much improved attitude for life.  Helen’s warmth of character and caring nature, combined with her technical qualifications and fundamental interest to help kids learn, is a very rare combination.  We do not hesitate to recommend her.” James and Lisa.


“Helen tutored our daughter for many years.  Our daughter has learning difficulties and was struggling at school and didn’t understand anything.  Helen listened to our needs and our daughter benefitted greatly from Helen’s tuition.  More than that our daughter loved going to tuition each week.  We still keep the books that our daughter completed with Helen as they are a great resource. Helen is a brilliant teacher and I am more than willing to speak to you if you are considering enrolling your child with Helen.”  Ally.

“My daughter Brooke felt very comfortable with Helen and enjoyed her reading tutorial each week.  Brooke was struggling at school and was behind for her age.  Now she is confident and enjoys reading!  Thank you very much Helen.  I would so recommend you!”  Dede

“You are the best reading teacher.” Brooke.

“My son Shownok is a hardworking student.  He is currently at year 11.  He was doing well in all other subjects but was struggling with English.  He was feeling frustrated as well as me.  We have tried at least two to three teachers over a three year period without any improvement.  He was losing his confidence.  Then a couple of years ago Shownok started tuition with Helen and within 6 months or so, we observed improvement, from achieved, to receiving excellence consistently.  As parents, what is wonderful to observe is that Shownok has started enjoying English. His confidence has increased.  He likes the way Helen teaches and he does not want to miss any tuition.” Sangeeta.

“Prior to my one-to-one tuition with Helen, I was only able to receive achieved for most of my English assessments.  Mum and I tried many teachers before Helen.  Thanks to her unique style of teaching and her ability to adapt to me, I was able to achieve excellences in English. Currently, being in year 11, NCEA has proven to be easier than expected and thanks to her, I am obtaining excellence in assessments.  Helen adapts to the way you learn; for example, if you prefer visual and written text, she has resources available for that purpose.  She will also read, for example, a book you have to study so that both of you have an understanding of the text.  Helen creates good habits for English.  I used to not be very analytical when reading, not thinking if there is any purpose to the text or it to pick out certain bits to remember.  Helen changed that through her personalised tuition.  As an overall statement, Helen is a well-rounded teacher who is highly adaptable to you.” Shownok.

“Helen is a warm, empathetic coach who listens intensely to what the client truly needs. She has a unique way of summarising the gathered information and points out the crucial bits – and reaches fast results by doing so. In dozens of peer coaching sessions, I put her through all sorts of challenging situations, only to admire her focus, her kindness and her precision in hitting the nail on the head every time. Especially shy or introverted people will find a supportive and encouraging coach in Helen. I would trust her in all areas of transition and career coaching and highly recommend her coaching style.” Jen Lund – NZ Southern Leadership Team President – International Coach Federation.

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